a day in the life.
photographer. creative writer. Dreamer.
[Everything I post is doneso by me unless otherwise stated]

some call it ‘selfies’, I call it ‘studying’.

And new followers, not sure where all of you came from or how you found me… (oh no, did my nudes get leaked?!) but I’d like to say:

- Hello
- Chimritsu
- Chao Ban
- Jambo
- Kamusta Ka
- Hola

And any other form of ‘hello’! I hope you guys don’t think I’m too weird. And for those that don’t know, I work as an Enrichment Teacher [:

So I basically get to boss kids around all day and teach them the arts.

  1. supremekingderrick said: kids thought you were 37? lol
  2. jayaholic said: that smile
  3. lam--bam said: killing me with your smile
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