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CSUN VSA Banquet.

CSUN VSA got to end the semester off  with a bang. We had 30 members attend even though it’s our first chartered semester. It’s definitely not big, but it’s a great start. The food wasn’t as great as it could have been, but we’re making it up for next semester’s banquet! White elephant was a pleasant surprise. We also had a beer pong tournament that my cousin (guy in red plaid) and I lost in the first round. Luckily, the odds were in our favor as we were the team that was able to return to the semifinals. We definitely made a comeback and won the whole thing after. Who wants to challenge me next? 

It’s crazy to think of how much we’ve actually accomplished as a group. Next semester is going to be crazy, but I’m definitely looking forward to all the planned events and the new family system!

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