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Anonymous asked: Are your friends gay?

Yep. Because I’m gay, it means everyone I surround myself with is also gay.

Haha, but if you’re referring to the ones in the pictures I just posted… Nope, they’re not. I don’t have too many gay friends in NorCal that I hangout with ):

Then again, friends are friends - gay or straight.

A big thank you my boyfriend, family, and (new) friends for keeping me sane during the transition to the bay/ being a big kid.

I can’t post too many updates since I didn’t even get to tell my family or boyfriend yet, but I’m very happy to say that my official home in the bay will be…

*drum roll*


PS I just want to stress the significance of this event… a job is a job, but there’s nothing like a place that you can call ‘home’. I honestly feel that my future homies [housemates] and I are going to get along too well.

Anonymous asked: wtf u and ur boyfriend are weird af

And that’s why we’re made for one another, haha

Hump day is finally over (:

It’s only been 3 days in the bay and so much has happened. I’ve already gotten lost, got on the wrong freeway, been bar hopping, began working at my first big boy job, moved and slowly getting settled into my new ‘home’, made new friends, and spent so much on food.

The goal is to actually have my own place by December 1st. I’m so blessed for all my family and friends that have helped me get this far.

I just need to choose a city I like most. So far, I like that milpitas isn’t too far from work and has a cheaper gym AND has the Great Mall. If I chose fremont, I wouldn’t have to take the freeway at all for work - but I don’t know what’s in the fremont area. North San Jose is also one of my top choices!

I just have to wait for my friend to save up so we can be apartmates.

The bay sure is nice though, I’m digging the weather a lot (:

Happy birthday to Stinky.
And a happy 4 months to us being official (:

Happy birthday to this stinky guy.

Happy birthday to this stinky guy.

Last night in Modesto and it’s one of those nights where I just need to ‘sleep on things’.

I know things will fall into place soon, I just have to keep my head up. (:

Goodnight Central Valley, this is weird because I’m not ready to say goodbye… But I don’t think anything can ever prepare you for a ‘goodbye’. Luckily, the bay isn’t far from home and I’ll visit often.

Haha. Okay. Night everyone.

PS I totally cried when I left my home for college. I highly doubt I’ll cry this time around, but I can’t help but feel afraid for change. Oh well, I can’t wait to do big things (:

Anonymous asked: Yay! Congrats On your new job. What do you do now?

Thank you! I’ll be working as a Recruiting Associate [:

But I’ll definitely keep active with photography/ writing/ making videos

I got the job in the bay (:

Hello, Bay Area!

And hello to a full-time salary based job with benefits, holllllla! Your boy is becoming a man :’)

lam--bam asked: Oh btw how's your work outs coming along?!

Uhhhh I shouldn’t say cause ever since I came back home…

Let’s just say that I’m getting gains - but the ones that are good for you haha.

PS lol I didn’t mean for this to sound sexual… I just meant that momma makes too much good food

axel-aozaru asked: What's your favorite Pokemon? Are you also getting ORAS?

Psyduck. Though I have a lot of close seconds.

And of course I’m getting them! Not sure which one I’ll be picking up though. Before today, I only had 3 badges for Pokemon X, but I have six badges total now :)

Hopefully I can finish since I never finished black/ white or even diamond / pearl ):